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We all know that you have a lot to say about the issues of the world, and we're curious to hear it! Become part of the Goldsmiths Debating Society (membership free)!

COVID-19 announcement

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we all are forced to adapt to the new normal.

Don't worry, however - we have moved all of our debates online for now onto Zoom!

You can attend our debating sessions every Thursday from 5 - 7 pm.

Debating is an art

Art is what Goldsmiths is known for... and debating here is no exception! We follow the British Parliamentary System, and aim to provide an authentic debating experience worthy of the Goldsmiths identity.

In a way, debating is much more about expanding your view than just discussing and throwing arguments at each other. This would be an unfair simplification of the matter!

Therefore, we promise to be as creative and individualistic with our debates as possible, because creativity breeds an expanded mindset... and we are the epicentre of London's creative scene, after all!