Debate in review: “This house believes that parents shouldn’t be allowed to raise their children religiously”

As this academic term is coming into its full swing, we are back to our usual mission of bringing exciting and thought-provoking debates to the Goldsmiths community.

Headed by our head of debating Olli Fairgrieve, the first half of our debating session was dedicated to explaining our house rules to existing and new members of the society. This was followed by a game of “flip-flop”, where volunteers had to switch sides on a motion at a whim… an excellent, playful way to demonstrate the required skill of thinking flexibly if you want to become a top debater!

After a short break, we drafted several ideas for motions, but have ultimately settled on the following: “This house believes that parents shouldn’t be allowed to raise their children religiously”. There were convincing arguments from both, the proposition and opposition, relating to a multitude of topics, ranging from culture, to societal issues, to freedom of choice. For a first session, this session went incredibly smoothly, as even the newcomers have proven themselves to be apt and well-spoken debaters.

Furthermore, we were pleased to welcome two new committee members today: Julia Grodzka in the role of Marketing Coordinator, and Julia Turii in the role of Events Coordinator. We are sure that they will prove themselves to be most valuable to the functioning of our society, and are glad to have them on board! 🙂

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